Get Rural Kansas - Come... and get it! Get Rural Kansas - Come... and get it!
Iola Area Wheat Field

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Location: Sedan
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About: Concordia
"The Orphan Train story is most fascinating! We especially enjoyed the oversized photos printed on the transparent window s..."
~Kathy Kajinami
McPherson, KS
About: Gypsum
"I love Gypsum and I think it is fantastic that there is a web page to show the world what a wonderful place it is. LaVetta"

Learn To Explore

Learn how to explore and you'll see Kansas with new eyes!
Exploring starts with the willingness to get off the main highways and slow down and enjoy the journey.

In most instances, rural communities aren't designed to be tourist centers.  They are designed to simply be themselves.  It means that sometimes the stores aren't open at the most convenient times.  An Explorer takes a town as it is and, in fact, wants to step inside the real life of a town, in real time.  If a person truly has an Explorer soul, they will appreciate the experience.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with information that will give you a heads up on what to expect in any certain town.  We welcome you into our rural culture by telling you what we have to see, explorer-style, and by supplying hours and directions, pictures, and event information.
Exploring also means:
  • Looking for the eight rural culture elements (architecture, art, commerce, cuisine, customs, geography, history, and people).
  • Feeling good about spending money in small towns.
  • Interacting with the locals.
We're excited to have you visit rural Kansas!

Kansas already has a Kansas Explorers Club so there are about 1,600 official Explorers who often hit the road and practice all of these concepts.  The big thing is to have FUN and enjoy the journey!


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